Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi Present “Rome”

This album makes my inner nerd surge with uncontrolled spasms (think Carlton dance meets taser gun). Imagine all of the most awesome things you can think of. Decoupage those things together into one listening experience. Blows your mind right? That is Rome.

Danger Mouse and Luppi express their admiration for “Spaghetti Westerns” and acknowledge their love for these Italian produced movies as the creative flare for this album. Tarintino could have a field day with this release. This is a prefect soundtrack for a modern El Paso Western filled with gun slinging showdowns, itchy trigger fingers, and sideways glances meditated with tumbleweed. Much like Tarintino’s reputation to pay homage to his favourite movie genres and clichés, this album takes the best cues from various sources of inspiration.

The overarching sound resonates from classical Italian roots. Acoustic guitars mix with subtle electric underpinnings. The opening track “Theme of Rome” combines romantic Italian vocal melodies with guitar rhythms from Pink Floyd’s mechanical “Welcome to the Machine.” The following song “The Rose with a Broken Neck,” featuring Jack White on vocals, is reminiscent of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s ten minute epic “Moya.” The differing elements and arrangements are bridged together by palette cleansing interludes creating a cohesive whole.

I would highly recommend this album for someone who wants to be challenged by diverse nuances atypical in popular media.

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