Women of Rock

Rock is a genre typically dominated by men. It takes a very special woman to crack the mainstream Rock scene. They have to create a niche and completely own it. These women have inspired generations of imitators and set the curve for what it means to be a woman of Rock. This list pays tribute to the mothers of the gritty music scene and acknowledges the newer generation of successful and strong female musicians.

1. Janis Joplin

She set the stage for women everywhere aspiring to be a rocker. Not only does she have raw talent and an unmatched Blues voice, she managed to out party at least 95% of her male counterparts. Her no holds bar attitude and free spirit set her apart from musicians regardless of gender. Her intelligence and humour are legendary and unmatched.

2. Debbie HarryBleach

The original blonde rebel. You can’t look at Gwen Stefani and armies of new talent that don’t take inspiration from the original “Blondie.” Her style ranged from loose pastel dresses, tight tees, and leather complete with crimson lips and signature hair. Besides her hybrid stylistic appearance, she also invented combinations of pseudo-genres.

3. Joan Jett

With hits like “I Love Rock n’ Roll,” “Bad Reputation,” “Do You Want to Touch Me,” and “Cherry Bomb” Joan Jett clearly mastered and constructed the most memorable anthem songs. It is next to impossible to go to a Karaoke Bar and not hear a Joan wannabe belt out: “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT MY BAD REPUTATION!”

4. Karen O. Karen

She is that super cool girl who can pull off all the things you are too embarrassed to do. Won’t walk out in public wearing a rainbow feathered head dress? Didn’t think so. Luckily, you can live vicariously through Miss. O. She is a bricolage of old school studs and leather mixed with crazy things left in thrift store bins.

5. Alison Mosshart

Wanna know when you are too cool for school? When you are in a band that consists of two people and a drum machine. Integrating a drum machine in a two-piece band is no easy feat and yet The Kills make it work. Alison’s quirky fashion is matched with eccentric and yet utterly seductive dance moves on stage. Oh yeah, did I mention she hangs out with Jack White? The Fonz says, “You get 10 extra Cool Points!”

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