Seasick Steve

Have you ever seen a Mississippi drum machine? It makes up one third of Seasick Steve’s ensemble rounded out by a three stringed guitar and raw blues soul. He is an indescribable hybrid…think the Beverly Hillbillies meets ZZ Top with a smidgen of Jimmy Page, a big ol’ hit of Delta Blues tradition, and a bucket load of Southern charm.

From the originators of acoustic Blues to the innovators of amplified sound, they produced music with six strings…The Skunk proves that a full bodied sound can be achieved with three strings on a busted up guitar from a junk store. The only thing more intriguing than his three stringed Blues guitar is the one fashioned from old Morris Minor hubcaps. Steve proves that a real musician can hone his craft with the most basic tools.

Steve has the chops to pull the interest of veteran performers and his collaborations are rich. Long before his commercial success and fanfare, he was in music circles shoulder to shoulder with Janis Joplin and Joni Mitchell. As of 2011, his new album “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks” (released under Jack White’s label Third Man Records) features rock and roll legend John Paul Jones. The list of his musical connections is longer than his beard.

Dog House, Cut My Wings, St. Louis Slim, and Thunderbird revive traditional Blues roots. His slide techniques are clean with a rugged passion bridging old school sounds with amplified vitality. Polished and overproduced, the music industry devours the spontaneity and ingenuity of vocal and musical expression. Steve’s recordings and live performances reject this and embrace the raw and unexpected. He is a true one-man band.

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