Florence and the Machine: Ceremonials

I am going to make a statement unheard by human ears. I will even dare to say it is revolutionary. Gingers are officially awesome. Conan O’Brien started the uprising, proving that Gingers indeed have souls, as it is a fact that a sense of humour equates the possession of a soul. I got a little off track there, but Florence Welch (along with her infamous machine) is a Ginger trailblazer with “Ceremonials.”

Florence and the Machine’s lead single, “Shake it Out” is the archetype of the album, and yet, this huge hit does not overshadow the brilliance of each individual song. I must admit, when I bought this album, I bought it for one song and did not have high expectations of falling in love with each track. If this were a vinyl record, the grooves would be worn out due to high rotation!

Florence’s strong vocal performance shines. Her range and vocal techniques accompany the pounding Celtic drums as she belts out passion and emotion. The song “Spectrum” accurately reflects the listening experience as each song embodies a large spectrum of deliberate craft. The band crafts elements of music that do not theoretically go together. There are hints of electronic pulses, gospel undertones, tribal chants, operatic melodies, Celtic drumming, and Blues foot stomping. Looking at all of these pieces, you would expect Franken-Music but these seemingly conflicting genre-based themes somehow create a cohesive and distinctive sound.

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