Top Ten: “Make You Wanna Dance” Songs

1. Brass Monkey – The Beastie Boys: The bass in this song has been clinically proven to make you bust a move. I guess that actually may be true of all Beastie Boys songs…but this funky monkey has a special place in our hearts and on the dance floor!

2. No Wow – The Kills: The drum machine induces a very mechanically charged dance. I challenge anyone to listen to this song and not flail and sing at the top of their lungs.

3. Rockafeller Shank – Fatboy Slim: You know you wanna be the Funk Soul Brother with a boom box and afro! The surf infused beats make you want to roll down all the windows, pound your steering wheel, and soak in the sun!

4. Jingo – Santana: Santana’s use of tribal beats and heavy drumming make this song the poster child of sporadic cases of dance. This instant classic can move even the most uptight person’s feet in a rhythmic elation.

5. Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-Alot: I think it is a natural instinct to shake your butt to this song in any setting whether you are at a club or cleaning your room. It’s a fan favourite for guys and gals worldwide and will never lose its appeal. Sir Mix-A-lot we salute you and your booty beats!

6. Technologic – Daft Punk: The creepy robot doll from the video told me I had to include this song on the Top Ten. He scares me so I dare not go against his will. Regardless of my fear of mechanical footsteps at night, this song is super catchy and moves your feet while trying to sing along with Daft hands!

7. Push It – Salt N Pepa: Dum dum dum dum- dum- dumdumdumdum dum. We are all guilty of improvising the back beat of this song while doing some kind of random ‘80s dance.

8. Electric Feel – MGMT: Drums mixed with falsettos? You gotta love it. Boogie time!

9. Kick It – Peaches featuring Iggy Pop: Sure, the song and video don’t make much sense but the hardcore drums and killer electric guitar are move-bustingly awesome!

10. YMCA – The Village People: I saw that! Don’t roll your eyes! You know it is a cold hard fact that this song has more people on the dance floor at any wedding or Bar Mitzvah than any other song!


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