Train Company: The Remains of an Effort

A bunch of traditional Blues songs recount someone waiting for a train to rattle into the station and take them where their heart belongs. Long awaited is a band aptly called Train Company. They take us on a journey to a wondrous land with “The Remains of an Effort.”

John Zozzaro stuns in tracks like Myself in Two, Steve, and  Banister with a Rat Pack eloquence. His voice combines a nostalgic swooner with a modern rocker. It’s almost like a mash-up of Frank Sinatra and The Kings of Leon. Now that’s what I call a trademark sound!

Straight from a dimly lit lounge, songs like Face in the Crowd, sooth you with a refreshing wave of jazzy ecstasy. The string quartet and female background singers set a silky and polished ambience. When I received an email from Train Company about an album review, the subject line was, “Band spends two years and all of their money on an album for you!” After one listen, it is clear that two years and empty pockets made for a great musical triumph.

I love this album so much I have one up for grabs! Head over to OCR’s Twitter page (@OCReverb)  for details. A winner will be randomly selected.

Check them out on Twitter (@traincompany),, and

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