Steve Vai Concert Review

Steve Vai is synonymous with futuristic sounds and lightning quick finger work. Walking into the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts on Thursday night, I knew my eyes were going to melt from their sockets and my eardrums explode from elation.

What is there that could possibly be said about Steve Vai that hasn’t already been said? In short he is a master at what he does. His fingers are but a blur on the fret board and his sound is ingenious and original. Vai is an innovator and showman. Walking out in flame patterned pants, you could tell his persona is larger than the stage could hold.

You know from the get-go that a show is about to rank high on the scale of epicness when you are introduced to the band’s electric harp player. Come on! How awesome is that when you can effectively incorporate an electric harp?! Deborah Henson somehow matched Vai’s radical sound gracefully pulling levers and pounding her strings for booming effect.  The electrified instrument fell straight from the hands of mohawk clad angels.

Now for the above mentioned eye melting-ear popping parts of the show. Midway through the performance, Vai appeared from the curtains at the side of the stage transformed into a glowing cyborg. He donned a guitar that looked like it was stripped from the clawed grasp of Predator. Vai shredded the guitar inflamed with passion and charisma. This was easily ranks as the most enjoyable concert moment I have ever experienced.

But wait, there’s more! It’s not every day when you go to a concert thinking your childhood dream will be realized. Then boom! The drummer vanished from the stage only to reappear with drums and cymbals strapped to his body Bugs Bunny style. The image was ripped right from the mind of Mel Blanc. It was aesthetically pleasing and sounded even better. The comic aspect was highlighted with the banter between Steve and Jeremy Colson. Jeremy joked about Steve’s groupies being male guitar players and music geeks to which Vai said “make some noise if you have a vagina!” Cheers and whistles filled the room.

The night was everything I expected and then some! If you ever have the chance to see this legend live don’t hesitate!

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