Bob Dylan Concert Review

Sitting in the nosebleed section without the ability to capture good pictures after my camera was confiscated at the entrance of the Air Canada Centre, all I could hope to tangibly hold onto was the experience of seeing Bob Dylan live. For over two hours, I was sitting in the same room as a revolutionary singer and songwriter…and in that moment, everything was perfect.

Perched in shadows, I watched his silhouette lurch behind the piano banging out static chords. Notable harmonica sounds echoed at the back of the stadium. Dylan’s voice was distinctly different. His youthful whine matured into a gravelly Blues mystic. Throughout the set, Dylan’s humour shined with pseudo-impersonations of Elvis and random Bojangle soft-shoe dances. Hoards of business garbed people, with seemingly unmet expectations, walked out of the stadium early…I guess that is in keeping with Dylan’s thematic analyses of stuffy and faceless corporate cogs.

The music itself wasn’t the highlight of the night but the spirit of the experience. Sitting with an arm around my shoulder, the love of the 60’s enthralled our hearts. That night we went back in time and lived the free-wheelin’ spirit of an era we craved. Slightly inebriated, we went seat jumping. We moved from seat to seat. Exiting and entering new sections we admired Dylan from numerous vantage points and perspectives.  By the end of the night, we saw Dylan exit the stage meters away from our eyes. Bob Dylan provided a live soundtrack to one of the most invigorating nights in my life!

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7 thoughts

  1. I follow your tweets. I thought you said your seats were crappy but you were only meters from him?????? Maybe being drunk changed your memory???? aha
    Nice job, anyway.

      • Woaw, you must have spent a lot of time jumping seats that much cause the ACC is huge!!!!! The ACC also must be shitty security for taking your cam and not stopping people from moving around.

      • It actually doesn’t take much time or skill. Most of the ushers leave the entry points during the show and it makes it easy to go from section to section. Getting to the floor however does take a certain amount of skill and luck. I still to this day do not understand why cameras are such a big deal at concerts. As long as the flash isn’t obnoxious it shouldn’t be a concern. People still flash up the place with their cell phones!

  2. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about that show. It’s nice to see that you still found positives. I think it is hilarious that people expect a 70-something year old to perform at the same caliber as in youth. It is unrealistic. Live performances are special because the performer feels like they still have something to share with those willing to receive without prejudice or judgement. .

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