Beatnik Week: Joni Mitchell


Joni Mitchell hit the streets as a busker early in her career performing her original music to wandering passersby. Since then, she has been critically acclaimed as one of the greatest and most influential songwriters in everdom! A true artist, Mitchell experiments with numerous forms of artistic mediums. Her music and paintings express honest views based on personal experiences. Throughout her career, she actively participated in anti-war protests and became the face of environmental activism.

Mitchell’s genre and poetical experimentation in Folk and Jazz, and every imaginable genre between, encapsulates the fundamental aspect of the Beat Generation: exploration. Her constant unearthing of musical genres allowed her to express her social, political, and environmental stances in affective and profound dialogues. The sheer amount of cover songs from music headliners like Bob Dylan and the Counting Crows only scratches the surface of the impact her music had not only on the world but her music contemporaries. Her poetic genius has inspired writers, poets, and musicians to imitate her style and lyrical eloquence with few ever reaching the depth of her vison and artistry.

Big Yellow Taxi exemplifies Mitchell’s deep commentary presented in simple and accessible language. She recounts how the beauty of the natural world has been compromised by human influence. She right prophesizes about an impending future where trees and forests are plowed down for insignificant modern conveniences. She recounts the grim reality of black asphalt overpowering greenery and the only preservation of the natural world would be documented in museums. Over the years, she has become a strong advocate for Earth Day initiatives and the restoration of ecological balance.


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