5 Music Genres…You Didn’t Know Were a Thing


Summer is a great time to experiment. Maybe that electric blue hair really would bring out your personality. Who said raw vegan isn’t cool? Oh, so you took up painting and interpretive dance…cool, I guess. Music is a wonderful place to dip your toes (ears?) in, and, unlike your bleached blue-do, it is relatively harmless.

We’ve all seen that one awkward person at the record store who briefly gazes over the genre labels, and lost, confused and unhappy, walks on over to the Pop section and picks out a Beatles record. That purchase came with a “kick me, I gave up” sticky note. I’ll be honest, that used to be me, so I’m just going to spare everyone the embarrassment.

2 Tone

You’d be surprised how much experimental and weird music stuff was born in the UK, but it could easily fill up a music anthropology textbook. 2 Tone is like your mom’s leftovers casserole – it’s a fusion of ska, punk rock, rocksteady, reggae and new wave – and similar to the casserole, while you may not want to know what’s in it, it’s good, in a  good-time-feel summer soundtrack sort of way. Try: The Specials, Madness.

Acid Jazz

For something that sounds so sour, these beats are o so sweet. It’s jazz, funk and hip-hop served shaken, not stirred. As I was taught in a freshman English course, “genre” is a complex term and a genre can be a sub-genre of another genre, which is basically what you’ll find in Acid Jazz – an all-around pleasing variety and intimate music stream inter-mingling. Try: Jazanova, Liquid Soul.


Another UK invention, this is a movement from the early 90s that was born as experimental breakbeat that fused soul, funk and jazz. It’s trippy stuff . The best think about trip-hop is that is allows plenty of room for invention, and may remind you of ambient, hip-hop and house all at the same time. If you’re looking for your chill-out music, look no further. Try: Massive Attack, Canidas, Zero Cult.


If I were to invent a music genre fusing dubstep, hip hop, and as much weird as I could fit, I’d probably call it wonky…oh wait. Just that, this experimental electronic music is like the blue raspberry flavor – it doesn’t make sense, but you kind of sort of like it. Or maybe you hate blue raspberry, and I just ruined wonky for you, and I’m sorry that you’ll go your whole life without hearing a single track. Your loss. Try: Flying Lotus, Free the Robots, Dimlite.


Indie-anything is so overused, it practically has no meaning anymore, and is up there with ambiguous air-filled “hipster” and “that’s so mainstream.” Indietronica, however might restore some former glory to the term, by combining indie, electronic, rock and pop. I guess if you’re gonna make a music omelet, you gotta break some norms. There are some groups you didn’t even know were Indietronica, like MGMT and the xx. Even Radiohead sometimes falls under this category. Apart from the above-mentioned, try: Ratatat, Stereolab

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