Top Ten: Modern Day Frontmen

Sure, Adam Levine may wish he had “the moves like Jagger” but the old legends aren’t the only ones rocking the mics these days. We all know the classics like Freddy Mercury, Jim Morrison, Ian Curtis, but I’m counting down the legends of tomorrow; the best frontmen in music today, in what is sure to be a very biased list.


10. M. Shadows- Avenged Sevenfold

Often overshadowed by the fancy skills of his bandmates, Shadows has a great raspy voice that is instantly recognizable. He can go from a screaming, metal type sound to a soft, almost country twang.


9. Jacob Hoggard- Hedley

Love them or hate them, Hedley have an insane following in Canada and a long list of hit singles to prove it. Known for his intense stage presence and ridiculous energy, Hoggard also has a very distinct voice and a knack for writing catchy tunes.


8. Ryan Key- Yellowcard

Sure, their biggest commercial hit may have been back in 2003 with “Ocean Avenue”, but Yellowcard just keep getting better with time. Key’s lyrics are honest and open and his delivery is spectacular.


7. Alex Gaskarth- All Time Low

There’s no denying it, this guy’s just got the perfect voice (and face) for pop rock. Add this to his bromance with bandmate Jack Barakat and you have a recipe for the perfect pop rock frontman.


6. Adam Levine- Maroon 5

Another distinct voice, he and his band are responsible for some of the catchiest and most popular songs in pop music today. Good looking and charismatic, he is the epitome of what it is to front a band. How many people can actually name another member of Maroon 5?


5. Patrick Stump- Fall Out Boy

Although sometimes overshadowed by bandmate Pete Wentz, Stump’s continually evolving and improving vocals have become the centerpiece of the band’s sound. He even proved that he has the vocal chops to keep up with legends like Elton John on a song on Fall Out Boy’s latest release. Wentz may pen the lyrics, but its Stump who brings those lyrics to life.


4. Jason Wade- Lifehouse

Another distinct, standout voice. Another amazing songwriter. Lifehouse have had a long and successful career and its due in great part to the Wade’s vocal and writing talent.


3. Davey Havok- AFI

Another band with a long spanning career, Havok has lead AFI from their hardcore punk days to their modern rock sound with more makeup and hair dye than a beauty salon. Dramatic and distinctive vocals coupled with his energetic and flawless live performance make him a rock legend.


2. Josh  Ramsay- Marianas Trench

While it’s hard not to picture him as the goofy guy from the video for the band’s first hit “Shaketramp”, Ramsay is an impressive vocalist and songwriter, capable of both heartbreakingly emotional performances on piano and some hilariously ridiculous stage banter. With talent and personality perfectly matched, Ramsay and his band are destined to take over the world at some point.


1. Gerard Way- My Chemical Romance

The band’s breakup instantly shattered millions of hearts. A true artist and creative genius, Gerard Way was the perfect frontman.  Fearless in the face of criticism, he lead the Black Parade to success beyond the band’s wildest dreams.

Allison Sternall


One thought

  1. You honestly think that All Time Low is pop-rock? It’s pop-punk! It’s music that can be played on the radio, but they aren’t pussies and actually play their instruments. And All Time Low is definitely better than Maroon 5, same with Pierce the Veil (Vic Fuentes) and Sleeping With Sirens (Kellin Quinn).

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