Ten Remixes You Need to Hear


Fall is upon us. Time to layer, mix and match your winter and summer wardrobes in an attempt to keep just the right amount of warm. Just as with everything, mixing things up can be a hit or miss, and while one’s woolen socks and loafers may not be well-received, I offer you a remix selection of a different sort, that’s bound to hit the spot.

Remixes are like when someone takes your favorite thing and then sprinkles it with chocolate before giving it to you (chocolate-sprinkled pickles, anyone?). The art of the remix (in my unsolicited opinion), is taking an idea or an emotion a song elicits and developing it in a creative and exciting way, creating this VIP experience between you and the song. You didn’t even know you could have a VIP experience with a song, did ya?

Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love (R3hab Remix) Who knew Dutch house and Ellie Goulding could go so well together? Goulding’s voice contrasts nicely with the darker base and it’s one of the more unique house compositions I’ve heard.

Florence + The Machine – Shake it Out (The Weeknd Remix) In case you didn’t know the Weeknd made remixes, he made one once. And here it is. Florence’s enormous talent has been slowed way down and added that haunting emotional frailty that only the Weeknd has.

Chip Ivory – Get Em High For This (Ellie Goulding x Kanye West) Ok, so take a tight Weeknd song, make Ellie Goulding’s sultry vocals take centre stage and then overlay it with some of Kanye West’s oldies but goodies. What do you get? A bombastic acoustic rhapsody.

La Roux ‘In For The Kill’ – Skrillex remix If some dubstep songs have drops, this one has a leap. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)  You’re acting kind of shady, there is no Beyonce, baby. But hey, what a better way to see if a track is more than just the sum of its parts than by replacing the singer entirely. Check out Majestic’s other remixes on their YouTube channel, it might be worth your time.

Adele vs. Skrillex – Set Fire To Everybody (ca7’s Mashup) If you ever wanted to hear Adele sing very fast, this is the remix for you. And then it drops, oh it drops. I love this song more than pyromaniacs love to set things on fire.

Metric – Gold Guns Girls (Mike Shinoda Remix) Mike Shinoda is one of the singers in Linkin Park. He is also a rapper. AND he nailed this remix, playing really well on Metric’s lyric form – every sentence left mid-line becomes an invitation for added beats, filling the track to the brim with exploding sound.

Kasper Bjørke – Doesn’t Matter (Trentemoller Remix) Every experience I’ve ever had with Trentemoller has been a soothing one, and every experience with Bjorke has been an inspirational one. So, when Trentemoller remixes Bjorke it’s like a relaxation deep tissue massage for your mind.

Skizzy Mars feat. Grouplove – Colours (Stars) (Xaphoon Jones Remix) If this song fails to elicit clapping, administer the sound again until clapping along occurs. This track is like a kaleidoscope of sounds – a synesthetic experience if you ever had one.

Kanye West – Love Lockdown (Mysto & Pizzi Electro Remix)  This one is fun, and as per the title, it’s an electro remix, no surprises there. The track has a solid beat and that does justice to the original track, but makes it sound just that much richer.


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