Video Countdown: The Goo Edition

Until you really put some thought into it…you don’t realize how many music videos feature goo. Pink goo. Green goo. Gooey goopy goo. I don’t know where this trend came from or if it has some kind of philosophical undertone. Until the next post deconstructing how goo is used in music videos as social commentary, here is a countdown of the top ten goo-filled videos. I am still on the hunt to make this list comprehensive. If you have any suggestions comment below!


Avril Lavigne – He Wasn’t: I think this was one of the first mainstream music videos that featured an appearance from goo. Randomly at the end of the video, Avril and her band start to rock out and destroy the room as pink goo gushes out of the drywall. I have a feeling angst ridden teenagers probably got grounded for doing the same thing!

Ms Mr

Ms Mr- Hurricane: One of the more recent “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THIS VIDEO” dives deep into some awkward images. The most cringe worthy being people drenched in a Pepto Bismol-like liquid. As much as I love the song, it’s hard to get through this video. See for yourself.


Green Day – American Idiot: As the green stripes melt off of the American flag back drop and puddle on the industrial floor, Green Day turns the anthem up to eleven and green goo bursts out of the speakers soaking the guys who wear the goo well…


Lady Gaga – Born this Way: If you don’t want to sleep tonight, watch Lady Gaga’s manifesto about some kind of space babies complete with weird birthing goo.


Nicki Minaj – Pills and Potions: All you ladies have had that weird mascara goo in the corner of your eye…but Nicki Minaj takes that look to a whole different level with plumbing metallic clouds of gunk streaming down her face. The Game gets enveloped in a more radiant pink version of this goo which I suppose represents emotions and junk. Can someone explain the bunny theme to me please?


The Kills – Good Ones: Honestly, there is nothing The Kills can’t make cool. Most of the videos in the goo category either seem disturbing or out of place but The Good Ones’ music video makes goo seem like a fixture in the rock atmosphere.


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